Lake Chelan

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Is Lake Chelan a good place to sail? You bet. At 55 miles long the lake is really a series of areas, each with it’s own distinct conditions. The lower lake, near town almost always has a drainage breeze but also has the most boat traffic. The area near the State Park and Wapato Point is not very good with either no wind or erratic canyon winds out of First Creek. The run from the Yacht Club to 25 Mile Creek is the best with stable winds averaging about 12 knots down lake. From 25 Mile Creek to Stehekin you find yourself in beautiful fjord-like country with steep tree covered hillsides and waterfalls.

Lake Chelan has been traveled for many years, A native traveler left this record of a successful hunt long ago at the painted rocks in Stehekin.

The roughest water is often found between Safety Harbor and Twin Harbor where steep waves can slow forward motion and an outboard kicker may be pushing air half the time.

Twin Harbor to Domke Falls is often windless, then strong down lake wind is often experienced from Domke to Moore Point and from Moore Point to Stehekin.

Forest Service boat in campgrounds are wonderful places to spend a weekend or a week. A trip up to Holden Village offers an experience you will not duplicate anywhere in the world and Stehekin at the Head of the lake is an entry to the Glacier Peak Wilderness and a National Park.

Be Prepared!

Launch Ramps

Starting at the foot of the lake and heading up (West)

Boat In Campgrounds