The Lake Chelan Sailing Association is a very informal group of folks from North Central Washington who love sailing and want to share the experience with you! LCSA is a non profit association now organized in compliance with section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. We are based at the Chelan City Marina located across from the Red Apple Market on highway 150.

We work to provide access to sailing on Lake Chelan without cost as a barrier and we offer free or low cost sailing courses and boating education to enhance that access. Our volunteer, US Sailing Certified instructors offer free sailing classes every year.

Due to our boat sizes and lake conditions we cannot offer classes to children under 12 unless a responsible adult will be sailing with them. Class sizes are limited so please do not sign up unless you are committed to learning and completing the course, usually four to six evenings in May through June or July. Class registration opens April 18 and will fill quickly so mark your calendar! By quickly we mean within hours of opening.

At this time we ask for a $30 annual individual membership and $40 family contribution. Membership grants access to all of our activities and, after being checked out by an instructor, you can use any of the LCSA fleet of 6 Hunter 140s, C-Lark 14, Capri 14, International 14, Ranger 16, San Juan 21, a Hunter 216, a Catalina 22 and a Lancer 25.

The boats are stored at the Chelan City Marina and the small boats are available for free member use by reservation and are used at your own risk. See more on the Boat Checkout page.

We do not rent boats and boat use is subject to an LCSA instructor certifying your ability and completion of a minimum of four hours of participation in club activities. In other words, if you are in town for the weekend and looking for a sailboat to use while you are here on vacation it isn’t going to happen. On the other hand, if you are interested in sailing, and especially if you are interested in contributing some of your time toward helping us operate we welcome you.

All of our meetings, work parties, races, classes, and cruises are open to anyone, if you don’t have a boat show up anyway, someone will be glad to take you on as crew.

We support boating education and safety and encourage everyone to take a boater education course and learn the rules of the road along with boating etiquette.

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LCSA 29 Chestnut St Chelan WA 98816