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Lake Chelan Sailing Association

October 18 Work Party

Starting at noon on Sunday, October 18 we will get the fleet ready for winter.

With many hands the work should be done in just a couple of hours then we will head to Rusty’s Nut Farm for a late lunch with pulled pork sandwiches provided.

See you on the 18th!

Dock & Fire updates

August 17 – The web site is back up and running after we lost power, phones and internet last Friday due to the Chelan Complex fire.

Town is safe although smokey and use of club boats can resume.

Up lake all boat in campgrounds on the South shore past Corral Creek are closed due to fire activity.

At this time we plan to go ahead with the Sailing Regatta in September. The fires should be subdued (they will not be out) by then and Chelan will need all the business it can get.

Thank you firefighters! Though many homes have been lost, many have been saved (including the Nut Farm) by the efforts of our fire forces.

dc10 sm

A DC10 Jet Tanker drops retardant near Rusty’s Nut Farm, home of Sailchelan.com and the regatta camping.

Dock update July 31

Due to increased fire activity on the Wolverine fire Lucerne is under a level 3 evacuation notice and the dock at Refrigerator Harbor has been closed.

Nearby alternative docks are – Prince Creek, room for 4 boats, dock is in poor condition. Domke Falls, maybe room for 4. Moore Point, tiny dock that isn’t deep enough for fixed keel boats.

Only part of the dock at Deer Point has been re-installed and it is in dilapidated and unsafe condition.

It is hoped the Forest Service will pay more attention to dock maintenance in the future.

Coming up

The cruise!

The official start is on Saturday, August 1 but some boats will get an early start on Friday. Plans are to be at Graham Harbor Saturday night, where we go from there will be fluid.

Ranger 20 – Is back on-line with a repaired main sail.

Regatta! – Coming up sooner than you think! September 12 & 13. We need volunteers and participants.

Reservations – Sorry we followed the airlines example and allowed over booking, we think we have the problem fixed but for the record, we only have one Catalina 22.

Updates for the week of July 21

The Ranger 20

Is offline until Saturday for repairs to the main sail


Boats must be reserved on-line on our shop page. If you do not have a sign in send an e-mail to mail@sailchelan.com. Include your name and phone number along with your choice or user name and password. Make sure you complete the check out process and get an order confirmed page and a confirmation e-mail.

The Cruise! August 1-9 is the annual cruise to Stehekin and back. Great sailing, great friends and great food are planned for the trip this year. Start working on your ice logistics now and let us know at mail@sailchelan if your boat will be in the fleet. Remember to get your dock pass.

New boat! A Ranger 16 has been donated to the club. This boat is in great condition and will be a great fit between the smaller boats and the bigger cruisers. This boat will be on-line as soon as we replace the forestay.

Dues. Dues are not just for members who plan to use club boats, we need your support to keep all of our operations going. It is amazing that we operate a fleet of 20+ sailboats, a chase boat and two tractors, a website, cruises and the regatta on an annual operating budget of about $2,500.

Time. Your time is required for boat use, not the dues. We have tons of 20 minute tasks available for those needing to fulfill their time contribution. Small things like ordering a gasket for a motor, sanding and oiling a rail, getting the chase boat to start, patching the chase boat, painting the Catalina.

Docks. All docks are open, the Wolverine Creek Fire has not closed Refrigerator Harbor or the Lucerne Boat Basin. Several sections of Deer Point are back in place but the decking was in poor condition last time we checked.

Wednesday July 8

The forecast currently calls for 96 degrees and wind at 5-8 mph for class tonight. Check back often for updates.

This will be the last class for the Wednesday group, the Monday class will meet again on7/13.


Most boat reservations must be completed on-line now. Set up your user account or e-mail us to set one up for you. After registering we will flip the switch so you can make reservations. A reminder that boat use requires current membership, skills assessment and four hours of club time.

Class Wednesday July 1

10:00 6/30: The forecast looks good for class on Wednesday July 1, with winds at 3-8 mph and 94 degrees bring sunscreen and water.

Check here on Wednesday for any updates.

Class and dock updates for Monday June 29


Sailing class for Monday, June 29 is cancelled due to excessive wind in the forecast. Class will meet again on Monday, July 6. Wednesday class is still scheduled to occur at this time.


Part of the Deer Point dock has been put back in place, however, the deck is in unsafe condition with several large holes, lifted boards and broken cleats. We have an inquiry in to USFS as to why they would put the dock back in that condition.


Classes for the week of June 29 – Online boat registrations

Level 1 classes are planned to occur as scheduled the week of June 29.

Expect very hot weather and check this page for updates on class days.


Online Boat reservations are now available!

Set up your account on the “shop” page. After we designate you (if qualified) as a skipper you may reserve boats on-line. It’s even mobile friendly!

All boats must be reserved prior to use. Failure to register may result in a visit from the marine patrol.

Non-tech folks can still reserve by e-mail to mail@sailchelan.com

Class notices for the week of June 22

At this time, all level one classes are on normal schedule for the week of June 22. Level 2 classes are finished for the season. Final determinations will be posted here by noon on class days.

Please contact your instructor if you cannot attend on any given evening or email mail@sailchelan.com launching unused boats is not cool.